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Fareed Arabians provides training for horses in the following fields and disciplines:

Endurance horses:

Full training for Endurance horses from schooling and fitness training to conditioning.

Your horse will achieve great results through our training program.

We have access to +/- 15,000 hectares of diverse farmland which consists of dunes, sandy rivers, mountainous terrain, rocky hills and hard or sandy farm roads.


Show training:

Show Training
We mainly train Arabians, Friesians, Appaloosas, Paints and Quarter Horses, but can also train other breeds for showing.

Show Training

We can train your Arabian horse for Halter, Liberty and Arab Riding classes such as Hunter, Arab Riding horse, Native Costume and Western riding (no gaited or park horses).

We can train Friesians for 3 gaited classes, pleasure classes and halter classes.

We can train Appaloosas, Paints and Quarter Horses for halter classes, western pleasure and western riding.

    Show Training

Colt Starting (young horses):

We also offer starting and training of your young horses.

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Carriage horse:

Fareed Arabians will start offering this service in the nearby future.

Movie Training:

Movie Training   Movie Training   Movie Training   Movie Training

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